Terminix CEO has Endorsed Kane Book

Brett Ponton, CEO of Terminix, endorses the new book from Phillip Kane

Brett Ponton, CEO of Terminix, has endorsed the new book from Phillip Kane, The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership. “Letters,” from John Hunt Publishing, Winchester, United Kingdom.

Of “Letters,” Ponton said,

“I have had the opportunity to see firsthand, and I hope contribute to, Phillip Kane’s caring leadership style. His book, Letters on Leadership, is a primer for delivering extraordinary results while putting others first. This very unique and real-life account of business successes offers those in search of a better way to lead a simple and proven way to win.”

“Brett Ponton played a significant role in my development as a leader, said Kane, to have him endorse my book is not only an honor, but should be regarded by potential readers as high praise. Brett is a tremendous leader and teacher.”

“Letters” is now available for pre-order. Interested readers may follow this link:


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