Dr. Sarah Gardial Backs “Letters”

Dr. Sarah Fisher Gardial, Dean of the Belmont University Massey College of Business
Dr. Sarah Fisher Gardial

Dr. Sarah Fisher Gardial, Dean of the Belmont University Massey College of Business has endorsed author Phillip Kane’s upcoming book The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership.

Gardial, formerly Dean of the Tippie School of Business at the University of Iowa, made the move to Belmont in late 2019. Since then, the Princeton Review, in conjunction with Entrepreneur Magazine has named Belmont a Top 20 school for entrepreneurship studies in the USA.

Regarding The Not So Subtle Art of Caring, Gardial said, “Organizations are no more than collectives of individuals. Why, then, should we be surprised that the same thing that moves, nurtures, and inspires individuals – an open and caring heart – also works at the organizational level? Through lived experiences, illustrative stories, and a principle-based leadership model, Phillip Kane makes a compelling case that “winning” in the marketplace is completely compatible with, and even dependent upon, caring about others. This is a timely and much-needed addition to the leadership literature.”

John Hunt Publishing, London owns the rights to Letters and will be releasing the book late fall 2021.

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