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Praise for “Letters”

“Phillip’s very personal approach, in utilizing letters sent to his teams over many years, provides deep insights into the artistry demanded of a more caring leader who commits to deliver outstanding results.”
Robert J. Keegan | Former Chairman & CEO, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company 

I have always appreciated that Philip practices what he preaches. He delivers results with a servant leadership approach to unlock the power and capability of his people through engagement, enablement and empowerment. The Not So Subtle Art of Caring offers a great lesson for leaders looking to do just that.”
Greg Smith | Executive Vice President, Global Operations & Supply Chain, Medtronics

With Letters on Leadership Phillip Kane masters to describe the key to leadership: To be dedicated to what you do and to care about what you do both for the business and, most important, not to forget the people involved. Caring about your people is the key.”
Martin Pedersen | CEO/Owner at JP Group a/s, Denmark

“No leadership book is more needed for today’s world than Phillip Kane’s The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership. It’s time for CEO’s, organizational leaders and boards to understand that kindness does not equal weakness. Phillip engages readers with story after inspirational story from over thirty years of transforming organizations; masterfully illustrating that leaders who value the well-being of their people are trusted and consistently deliver results. This is GOOD reading not only for how to lead, but also for how to live.”
Kris Wittenberg | Founder of Be Good to People®️,

“Having had a front row seat to many of the stories contained in Phillip Kane’s new book, The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership, I saw firsthand that focusing on winning AND caring for others can deliver extraordinary results. This book is important reading for anyone searching for a different, better way to lead others.”
Thomas J. Caracciolo | Managing Partner, Dubin Clark & Company 

“Organizations are no more than collectives of individuals. Why, then, should we be surprised that the same thing that moves, nurtures, and inspires individuals – an open and caring heart – also works at the organizational level? Through lived experiences, illustrative stories, and a principle-based leadership model, Phillip Kane makes a compelling case that “winning” in the marketplace is completely compatible with, and even dependent upon, caring about others. This is a timely and much-needed addition to the leadership literature.”
Dr. Sarah Gardial | Dean, Jack C. Massey College of Business, Belmont University 

“Storytelling has been a part of Phillip Kane’s life since he was a kid, and he carried over the family tradition into his business life. When you can write or tell a story about someone with whom your listeners can identify, they are much more likely to see themselves doing the same thing. People seldom tire of hearing stories about themselves and the people they know. These stories get repeated, and the lessons of the stories spread far and wide.”
James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner | Authors of The Leadership Challenge: How Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations

“Having read my share of leadership books, Kane does a wonderful job of sharing some very practical lessons on how to care about your people. Afterall, no matter how much you know, your team won’t even begin to listen and follow until they know that you care. This book is required reading for new and seasoned leaders.”
Craige Stout | CEO, Stout Risius Ross, Advisors LLC 

“This thoughtful and experienced-based leadership book is based on weekly management letters that Mr. Kane sent to his staff during his long career as a C-suite leader and manager in corporate America. His letters highlight weekly outcomes and discuss how their results reflect one of the dozen qualities of the Not So Subtle Leader that form the core of his book. Mr. Kane’s book provides a refreshing presentation of key factors leading to successful teams and has enormous value for new managers as well as for those who have been doing things the same way for a long time.”
Robert A. “Bob” Kulinski | President, United Way of Summit County, Ohio (Retired) 

“I’ve been studying leadership since I was a patrol leader in Boy Scouts. This book has it all; lots of real-life examples by a trailblazer in the business, validated by hundreds of specific references from notable authors. It will benefit leaders at any level. I plan to use The Not So Subtle Art of Caring in my leadership workshops”
Captain J. Charles “Charlie” Plumb U.S.Navy (Ret.) | Decorated Naval Aviator and Prisoner of War 

“I have had the opportunity to see firsthand, and I hope contribute to, Phillip Kane’s caring leadership style. His book, Letters on Leadership, is a primer for delivering extraordinary results while putting others first. This very unique and real-life account of business successes offers those in search of a better way to lead a simple and proven way to win.”
Brett Ponton | Chief Executive Officer, Terminix

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