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Today, March 30, 2021, PhillipKaneAuthor.com welcomed its 500th unique visitor. 

Just a month ago, shortly after John Hunt Publishing purchased the rights to Phillip’s book, The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership, Phillip’s official author site was established to provide regular updates on the book’s progress and other news about Phillip’s comings and goings.

Now, just a few short weeks and 500 visitors later, interest in Letters is on the rise, even with the publication date still months away. Daily visitor counts have continued to climb throughout the month, exceeding 50 on several days already.  

Between now and then, we’ll continue to provide progress updates as production on Letters continues including new endorsements from business and other leaders. You can also find sample content from the book, news about upcoming events and helpful links for readers. 

We’d like to thank visitors to this page for their part in our achieving our 500th visitor so soon. You’ve exceeded our expectations. And for that, we are enormously grateful. 

Please make sure to check Phillip’s blog each week as well for new advice about caring and winning. Click https://AndWin.net to go there now.

Remember, leadership begins when it stops being about us.  True, caring leaders win more. Because they care more.

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