Phillip Kane’s Book Now on Hive

Phillip Kane's Book Now on Hive—Letters-on-Leadership/27004475

Phillip Kane’s new book, The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership, from John Hunt Publishing, New Alresford, UK, can now be found on

Hive enables shoppers to enjoy all the benefits of online shopping while simultaneously supporting independent bookshoppes across the United Kingdom. Hive offers a commission to a main street bookseller for every book they sell.

Phillip Kane grew up in a small business and loves knowing that independent bookstores will benefit from sales of “Letters” on “I’m proud that my book can now be found on Hive, said Kane “Knowing that small businesses will benefit from every copy sold on Hive is something very special to me.”

The Not So Subtle Art of Caring is a book about a different and better way to lead other human beings. At a time when millions of workers are leaving horrible bosses and the toxic environments they preside over, Phillip’s message couldn’t be more timely.

To pre-order your copy from Hive today, please follow this LINK.

To learn more about Phillip, please click HERE.

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