Phillip Kane Signs Contract with JHP

January 23, 2021, Alresford, U.K.: Phillip Kane has signed a contract with John Hunt Publishing, London for the rights to his first book The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership.

Letters, based on actual correspondence between Kane and teams he has led for more than three decades, will be released Fall 2021.

Assigned ISBN number  978-1-78904-908-4, Letters examines the failures of traditional command and control leadership as well as the typical application of so-called Servant Leadership and offers an alternative based on caring stewardship. Based on his own successful experience, Kane proves that the better alternative is a leadership style focused on winning AND caring.

“I am tremendously excited to be working with the team at John Hunt,” said Kane. “People want more from their leaders; certainly they want to be treated better, but they also want to win. Letters offers today’s leaders a guidebook for accomplishing both. Rare leaders can achieve the ampersand effect. That’s what Letters is all about.”

Please look for Letters this Fall wherever quality books are sold.

In the meantime, check back here or at for updates on the progress of Letters’ production.

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And remember, keep caring for others, and win.

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