It’s Covered!

Letters has a cover!

Thanks to Indianapolis graphic artist and photographer, David Donovan Evans, Phillip Kane’s book, The Not So Subtle art of Caring: Letters on Leadership | Real Stories From a Real Leader to Real People About What Really Matters, has a truly spectacular cover.

Collaborating together, Phillip and David created the cover jointly, with Phillip merely supplying a vision and David doing the rest.

The central element of the cover is a pair of cupped hands with rays of light emanating from them. The effect is to reinforce the positive power of caring for others. The cover uses Art Deco imagery and font treatments to create a timeless and classic presentation. The bold, deep red, gold and black combination is simultaneously attention-getting and inviting.

The back of the cover includes an overview of Letters and endorsements from bestselling authors James Kouzes & Barry Posner and former Goodyear Chairman, Bob Keegan.

“I could not be happier with the cover for Letters, said author, Phillip Kane “To collaborate with David Evans was a gift. His ability to turn a few simple words from me into something that exactly matched my vision was truly breathtaking. I am tremendously grateful to him for what he did.”

Interested parties may now pre-order Phillip’s book in trade paper or e-book formats.

For ordering information, please visit John Hunt Publishing here:

Release is scheduled for June 24, 2022.

We appreciate all who follow Phillip for their ongoing support of this project. New authors grow mostly by word of mouth; so please tell a friend about Phillip and his book. If you have a favorite bookstore, ask them to buy the book. Or recommend Phillip as a speaker for your next company meeting or team building event.

Thank you!!

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