Kane’s Book Now At Two New Sellers

Kane's Book Now At Two New Sellers

Phillip Kane’s new book, The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership, is now available at two new book sellers.

Those interested in using Letters for training, employee gifts, or other large-quantity purposes, will be pleased to know that BulkBookstore.com recently added Letters to their assortment. Based in Oregon, USA, BulkBookstore specializes in 25+ count institutional sales for education, business, religion and non-profit.

Interested in placing a bulk order of “Letters”? Click HERE.

Also assorting Phillip Kane’s new book was discount site, Thrift Books. Since 2003, Thrift Books has been offering best selling books at everyday low prices. To pre-order your copy of “Letters” from Thrift Books now, please follow this LINK.

To learn more about Phillip Kane and the mission behind the book, please click HERE.

Thank you for buying the book and supporting Phillip in this great adventure.

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