Kane’s AndWin Blog Hits 10K

Phillip Kane's AndWin Blog hits 10K, welcoming its 10,000th unique visitor.
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Phillip Kane’s AndWin blog hits 10K. On November 14, 2021, barely 10 months after its founding, AndWin.net welcomed its 10,000th unique visitor.

AndWin.net was established as a resource for those looking for a kinder, better way to lead other human beings than the worn-out autocratic, command-and-control style which dominated the last century and remains prevalent today.

At least once per week, Phillip posts to the site, offering important advice to those seeking to improve their leadership skills. Beginning in early January 202, the AndWin.net blog now contains over 120 of Phillip’s signature stories as well as other helpful materials for leaders of all ages.

For 30 years, author and successful businessman, Phillip Kane proved that leaders no longer needed to choose between delivering results and treating those they lead with dignity and respect. In assignment after assignment, he did both, delivering hundreds of millions of dollars in value for brands like Goodyear, Pirelli, and NAPA and developing a new generation of more caring leaders.

Phillip is also the author of The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership, available here and wherever great books are sold. “Letters” is an outstanding resource for those who wish to commit to becoming the sort of leader that people WANT to follow.

You can follow Phillip on Twitter here at @ThePhillipKane.

Thank you for visiting, for your part in this important milestone and for adding to the success of the AndWin style of leadership.

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