Kane Appears on Deep Leadership

Author, Phillip Kane was recently a guest on John Rennie's Deep Leadership Podcast.

Phillip Kane, author of the Hoffer Prize finalist, The Not So Subtle Art of Caring, was recently a guest on the Deep Leadership podcast with Jon S. Rennie.

“Leadership is a People Business.” That’s the philosophy of the Deep Leadership podcast. Deep Leadership features real-world, actionable advice from Jon as well as his expert guests. As a former Cold War Submarine Officer who spent 20+ years leading businesses in Corporate America before starting his own manufacturing business, he knows that leadership matters!​

Jon and Phillip talked about the fact that caring for others and holding them accountable to deliver results does not have to be a choice and that the paradox of life and leadership is that for others to get really, really big, we as leaders must first become really, really small.

To listen to the podcast, click HERE.

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