Kane a Guest on Leadership Habit

Author, Phillip Kane, was a guest on The Leadership Habit podcast with Crestcom's Jenn DeWall.

Phillip Kane, author of, The Not So Subtle Art of Caring, was a recent guest with Jenn DeWall on The Leadership Habit podcast.

The Leadership Podcast brings inspiration and information from the Crestcom Leadership Institute to help transform behaviors, create lasting change, and build a pathway to success. This podcast is an excellent resource for leadership, but it is also a call to action. Crestcom leverages their experience developing leadership teams in over 60 countries worldwide to bring about positive change. Their mission is to create a better world by developing stronger, more ethical leaders. To find out more about Crestcom, visit www.crestcom.com

During their time together, Jenn and Phillip looked at the Great Resignation from a generational perspective and talked about how a lack of kindness from archetypal, narcissistic, command and control leaders ignited it all in the first place and how things are entirely different when caring leaders get involved.

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