Scheduled launch, signing and other upcoming events for author, Phillip Kane writer of The Not No Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership are listed here

Kane is a Guest on 20 Minute Leaders

Phillip Kane is a Guest on 20 Minute Leaders

Phillip Kane, author of the important new book, The Not So Subtle Art of Caring recently sat down with Michael Matias, of 20 Minute Leaders to record am episode of the podcast.

20 Minute Leaders is a podcast hosted by Matias that airs at 10:00 am Pacific each and every day and features a conversation between Michael and the world’s most influential business leaders. The podcast airs on all popular podcast channels like Spotify, Apple, Audible and others.

The episode featuring Phillip is expected to air in early August.

Phillip Kane to Appear on A Geek Leader Podcast

This month, Phillip Kane will appear on the A Geek Leader podcast.

Phillip will sit down with host and creator, John Rouda, on July 28. The podcast can be found on Spotify, Heart Radio, Apple and all other popular podcast channels.

John is an IT leader, college professor, author, TED speaker, husband and father. 

John created A Geek Leader as a way to inspire and grow future leaders and to ensure that when his kids enter the workforce that they have good leaders around them.

To learn more about John and A Geek Leader, please click HERE.

Kane to Hold Launch Event & Signing at Learned Owl

Phillip Kane, author of 2022 Hoffer prize finalist, The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership, from John Hunt Publishing, London, UK, will hold a launch event and Book signing at The Learned Owl in Hudson, Ohio on Sunday, July 10, 2022 from 1 – 3 pm.

The Learned Owl Book Shop is located at:
204 N. Main St.
Hudson OH 44236 USA
330-653-2252 / 800-968-2685

To contact the store, click:

Having grown up in a small business, it was important to Phillip that his 1st launch event be held at an independent bookstore. “It matters to me that my book and other great books are sold by local, independent bookstores, said Kane. These stores, like other small businesses for the true personalities of our communities. Our support ensures that they remain part of that fabric.”

Letters, Kane’s first effort, is a primer of sorts for those in search of a kinder, better way to lead other human beings. It provides, particularly in light of the millions of departures of the “Great Resignation,” a much needed alternative to the never was effective held-over management style of the last century that advocates for micromanagement, indifference, and, in many cases, outright abusive behavior. Kane proves, after 30 years of actually doing so, that it is not necessary to choose between winning and caring for others.

Phillip Kane to Appear on PTSD and Beyond Podcast

On March 11, 2022, Phillip Kane, author of The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership, will be a guest on the popular PTSD and Beyond podcast hosted by bestselling author, Dr. Deb Lindh.

The PTSD and Beyond podcast gives its thousands of listeners in now 97 countries insights into PTSD, trauma, healing, recovery, and beyond! The podcast can be found on Spotify, Pandora, Apple podcasts Amazon Music and other popular streaming outlets.

In each episode, Dr. Deb (a fellow Detroiter) has a conversation with an inspiring guest who will stimulate your mind, touch your heart, connect with your spirit, provide hope, and give you a greater understanding of others’ healing and recovery journey. She and her guests also provide insights into life’s possibilities, meaning, and purpose.

Thanks, Dr. Deb, for having us. We look forward to talking about caring leadership with your listeners and hope they find something of value in our conversation.

Those interested in listening to the podcast may follow this LINK.

Kane to Address Zanesville-Muskingum County Chamber

On March 16, 2022, author and businessman Phillip Kane will return to his hometown to address the Zanesville – Muskingum County Chamber of Commerce.

Kane will speak on topics relevant to the current economy and how organizations that build more caring cultures are faring better than those that don’t. Phillip will also share a number of personal stories about life, loss and his childhood in Zanesville and how these shaped his own leadership journey.

Chamber members should contact the Zanesville-Muskingum County Chamber of Commerce for more information.

Phillip Kane is Guest on Logicalis Podcast

Phillip Kane appears on Logicalis podcast

Phillip Kane is set to appear on the Logicalis Tech ChangeMakers podcast November 16, 2021.

 Host Ed Konopasek will interview Phillip Kane to deep dive into the great resignation’s impact on organizations. They discuss how it takes a shift of thinking to understand the why behind the movement as well as how to make positive change that impacts both employee and employer.

To listen to the episode, please click HERE.

On the Tech ChangeMakers Podcast, technology and business experts discuss the trends that are reshaping companies today and explore the challenges, solutions, and opportunities being created by the accelerated pace of change. The Logicalis Tech ChangeMakers podcast is designed to inform, educate, and inspire companies to embrace change in their organizations.

As Architects of Change, Logicalis accelerates their customers’ digital transformation, ensuring that they’re relevant in the digital economy and directly contributing to their success.

Phillip Kane to Appear on NPR’s Smart Talk

On October 5, Phillip will appear on the radio show Smart Talk produced by NPR affiliate WITF. Phillip will be discussing his work on the Great Resignation, the massive departure of employees from the workplace that began earlier this year. Phillip may also mention his book. Interested? You can listen to the audio HERE:

Check back regularly for new upcoming events.

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